Funeral Schedule of MARVIN S ARTHINGTON, 1st Lt, US AIR FORCE

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Lt Marvin Arthington ‘68

Our classmate Marv’s remains have finally been recovered and positively identified, after 47 years. His funeral will be Oct 5th at Arlington National Cemetery. As you may know, there’s already a marker there for him and his crew, where all the remains that were recovered after the crash 47 years ago were interred in a joint gravesite. Due to the technology of the time, it wasn’t possible then to identify all the remains separately, but a Vietnamese civilian recently came forward with Marv’s remains, which were able to be positively identified.

Marv was killed in Vietnam in 1970 while flying a combat mission as Aircraft Commander. His plane crashed into a mountain and he and the three other servicemen killed were unidentifiable individually, so their remains were buried together in a joint grave at Arlington National Cemetery. Now, remains handed over by a Vietnamese civilian have been positively identified as Marvin’s through DNA testing submitted by his brother and their mother. A representative from the USAF met with Marvin’s widow, daughter, and other family members and confirmed the recovery and positive identification. His remains will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery at 9:00 AM on October 5, 2017, with full military honors and with his own headstone. Marvin’s widow, Suzann, was also Class of ’68, as were his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Charlie and Merlyn Rodenberg.

Upon being notified by the Air Force of the positive identification of Marvin’s remains just before Memorial Day, his daughter, Andrea Maris ‘92, wrote the following: “This has been the most amazing…and overwhelming, Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to the military for the continued testing of those lost in battle and to give families 100% closure no matter how many decades pass! And thank you to those who serve in our military, and those who have given their lives, to defend our freedom!!”


WHEN: Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 9 AM

WHERE: Arlington National Cemetery, Administration Building, 1 Memorial Drive, Arlington, VA 22211

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