Tet Trung Thu Submissions Request by VietKidsDC

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng Hội Văn Hóa VN-HTĐ & VietKidsDC

Tet Trung Thu Submissions Request

Tet Trung Thu – Moon Festival- Mid-Autum Children’s Festival 2020 CANCELLED

Hello Tet Trung Thu Organizers, Participants and Supporters:

We previously shared with the Tet Trung Thu community of the Washington, DC Metro area that due to current public safety restrictions, the VietKids DC Board made the decision that we could not safely hold the annual Tet Trung Thu in person in 2020. However, we are united in our desire to celebrate Tet Trung Thu and to continue to educate our community and neighbors in Vietnamese heritage and culture as well as this special day. To that end, we are asking for your support to spread awareness of Tet Trung Thu on our website at trungthufestival.org so that we can all join the celebration at home.

We are interested in posting your original content regarding Tet Trung Thu to post to our website at trungthufestival.org. Possible submission topics include poems (in Vietnamese and English), “how-to” video tutorials on making mooncakes and lanterns, folktales related to fall harvest, instructions on traditional games, artwork, and lion dances. Interested participants should submit videos to VietKids DC by September 17. Students should confirm with their school to see if this activity will satisfy their 2020-2021 community service requirements; VietKids DC can provide documentation to support such requirements.

We appreciate your continued support, and will keep you updated as we move into 2021. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at this email: vietkidsdcfestival@gmail.com.

Sincerely yours,
VietKidsDC Board of Directors

Tini Dinh Favila, President
Luat Su Mary Margaret McLeroy, Vice President
Quang Le, Treasurer & Festival Coordinator
Long Nguyen, Secretary & Festival Coordinator
Luat Su Uyen Dinh, Fundraising & Public Relations


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