Alexandria Police Warn of Concentrated Opioids

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng thành phố Alexandria

The Alexandria Police Department has responded to six opioid overdoses, including one fatality, in the last seven days. This is a dramatic increase in overdoses in Alexandria.

While the Alexandria Police Department does not condone drug use, we are concerned about the medical safety of the opioids, including heroin, that people in the area are currently using. The opioids could be extremely concentrated or mixed with something unusual that is resulting in life threatening situations.

If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction, Alexandria City residents can call 703.746.3535 for treatment services and referrals, and 703.746.3636 for detox services which are available 24/7. Non-City residents can find treatment options at and 800.662.HELP (4357).

Anyone with information regarding these overdoses is asked to call the Alexandria Police Department at 703.746.6277.

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