Invitation Letter to 2015 Vietnamese American Leadership Summit

SOURCE: 2015 VALS Team

Dear fellow Vietnamese Americans:

I would like to invite you to this year’s “Unlocking the Possibilities: Educate, Equip, Engage” program of the 2015 Vietnamese American Leadership Summit (VALS).

The 2015 VALS is a 2-day program, which aims to “Educate” leaders and emerging leaders
about the historical challenges facing the Vietnamese American Community, “Equip” them
with possible strategic solutions to facilitate effective planning, and “Engage” them into
collaborative initiatives to advance the Community. The summit will take place on Friday
June 19, 2015 at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC and on Saturday June 20,
2015 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia.

This program is essential because the Vietnamese American community turns 40 this year.
Despite obstacles and extreme hardships, as a community, we have come a long way and
many opportunities await us, particularly in the areas of political engagement, economic
development, and community building. To explore these opportunities, the summit aims
to create a safe environment that encourages constructive dialogue to produce a shared
vision and common strategy to advance our community.

As part of the “40 Years of the Vietnamese American Experience” series of events in June
2015, dedicated volunteer leaders come together independently and individually to
organize the 2015 VALS. Our goal is purely a better community for all. We invite you to
join us on this journey to cultivate leadership and help improve the effectiveness of the
Vietnamese American Community for years to come.

Here are ways to join us: 1) Sign up and attend the 2015 VALS; 2) Become a member of the
VALS delegation in your area; 3) Donate your time and talent to the VALS Organizing
Team; 4) Become a donor and/or sponsor to VALS; and/or 5) “Lend a Hand” with a $20
donation or more to send a student to the 2015 VALS. For more information, please
visit: or contact 888-994-0568.

Leaders on the 2015 VALS Team and I look forward to meeting you!


Andy Nguyen
Commissioner, Tarrant County, Texas
Chair, 2015 Vietnamese American Leadership Summit


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